Museum 78'sMuseum 78 Sleeves

The records you are about to see will most likely wind up in a Museum when I can no longer care for them. To describe most of them as Rare is an understatement. Most are preposterously rare and one of a kind. A few, like the Robert Johnson’s, are examples of records that at one time were fairly readily available, but time and unprecedented demand have driven them to Museum quality status.

Are they for sale? Well, I guess my best answer is maybe. If you want to discuss ownership of any of these, you must call me and talk about it. I think it is only fair to warn you that it may take A GREAT DEAL of convincing to convince me to part with any of them. They are presented here so that the world can see that such things do exist and to provide a visual document to prove the existence and authenticity of records that most have never seen or even heard of. Please enjoy the images and I thank you for your interest.