2012 Blues Calendar FREE CD (Included with calendar)

Classic Blues from the 1920's Vol. 9

Track Listings:
January to December artwork
(1) Mama Don’t Allow No Easy Riders Here • Tampa Red and Georgia Tom (version 1)/Tampa Red and His Hokum Jug Band with vocals by Frankie “Half-Pint” Jaxon (version 2)
(2) Big Chief Blues • Furry Lewis
(3) Jinx Blues • Ora Brown
(4) Jesus Is A Dying Bed Maker • Charley Patton
(5) Rope Stretchin’ Blues – Parts I & II • Blind Blake
(6) Fence Breakin’ Yellin’ Blues • Blind Lemon Jefferson
(7) Fogyism • Ida Cox
(8) Come On In (Ain’t Nobody Here) • Harum Scarum
(9) Evil Woman Spell • Charley Spand
(10) Lawdy Lawdy Worried Blues • Teddy Darby
(11) Papa, Don’t Tear Your Pants • Papa Charlie Jackson
(12) In That Pearly White City Above • Blind Joel Taggart

Bonus tracks (artwork doesn't exist for these songs)
(13) Precious Lord • Blind Joel Taggart
(14) Little Black Train • Blind Joel Taggart
(15) Hard Time Blues • Lane Hardin
(16) California Desert Blues • Lane Hardin
(17) Cartey Blues • Lane Hardin
(18) Mr. Postman Blues • Jenny Pope
(19) Rent Man Blues • Jenny Pope

2012 Blues Calendar & CD
(Vol. 9) $14.95 + S/H

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